Our Mandate

 God told his Servant; “Wipe out tears, End affliction, RESTORE MEN to their destinies….” The Anointing on the man of God isprimarily a RESTORATIVE one.

Over the years, the ministry has become a Bethel where men and women have been restored to their original destinies. His mission on Earth of taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nooks and crannies of the world has brought Restoration to lives, families, societies and Nations.

He is known worldwide as The Restoration Apostle having been empowered by God to Restore men in all ramifications... In so many instances, the Man of God has been seen giving money, cars and other properties to people giving them the Respite, Joy and happiness of living.

He has also empowered people to start Small & Medium Scale Entreprises. Under his Charity Organisation; Touch of Love Foundation, he has been sponsoring students through school. His meetings are characterized with Prayers, Prophetic Revelations and Miracles to Restore men back to their original state. He has been led by God to organize programs and crusades to Restore men to Him and rediscover their selves in the order of Joel 2 vs. 25 – 26.


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